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After a long period of oil painting and watercolors, Harry BIRKHOLZ was working in a non-conventional way using many different quality papers and techniques: watercolor, acrylic, pencil, inks, pastels, collage…

His mastering of painting allowed him for an immediate and spontaneous expression, as well as for figurative and sophisticated compositions. To adopt only one single approach was a too narrow limitation to him. The spirit in which he created was that of freedom: "I am the style". The way his vision manifests had many facets, each of them reflecting the humanity of his artistic individuality...

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Some paintings from participants of Harry’s workshops :

  • Harry Birkholz
  • Harry Birkholz
  • Harry Birkholz
  • Harry Birkholz
  • Harry Birkholz

Harry Birkholz - enseignement

Marianne et Harry Birkholz

Harry Birkholz et Marianne Obozinski


Harry BIRKHOLZ was a Western astrologer since 1973.

He was trained by Georg Glocksin in Germany, included all the interpretation techniques as well as long studies based on the work of Dane Rudhyar.

After his education in Vedic (Indian) astrology with Claudio Scubla in the years 2000, Harry BIRKHOLZ offered the synthesis of all his experiences in western and eastern interpretation techniques.

"Astrology belongs to the most ancient cultural heritages of mankind.

Historians suppose that its origin is to be found in Babylon but the complete system already appears in the Indian Rig Veda which, according to careful estimations, goes back to more than 4.500 years. The text of the Rig Veda and the major Vedic astrology literature appeared at the same age.

The fact also that the pre-Columbian Mayans and Aztecs used different astrological techniques leads to the conclusion that in all the civilizations of all the ages people have known the connection between the astronomical cycles and the human cycles (...)

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Marianne Obozinski, août 2012

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