Harry Birkholz


  • 1950 Born on 28th March in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne - Germany)
  • 1967 End of a 3-year study cycle at the "Kölner Werkschulen"
  • 1970 Birth of Patrick, Harry's only child
  • 1975 First exhibition in Bergisch Gladbach - Creates a group of artists
  • 1978 Studies painting and art teaching with Dieter Lukas-Larsen in Düsseldorf - Exhibitions in Cologne and Düsseldorf
  • 1979 Creates the "Project Group" to which painters, musicians, dancers, photographers and concept artists participate
  • 1981 Organization and representation of shows in Bergisch Gladbach - Begins to teach painting - Continues with exhibitions
  • 1986 Exhibition of paintings associated with music composed by Daniel Toplak - Gallery "Die Wand" in Bonn

  • 1987 "Project 49": Forty-nine paintings on the theme of the Tibetan Book of the Dead - Creation of "Countryside takes its revenge", a group of artists - Several exhibitions around Cologne
  • 1992 Starts painting workshops in Belgium
  • 1993 Marriage to Marianne Obozinski
  • 1994 Begins exhibitions with his students, every three months, in Yantra - Brussels - Exhibition "The Garden of the Surprises" in Leuven
  • 1996 Exhibition "The Soul of the Colors" with his students at the Dolce Vita - Brussels
  • 1997 Teacher for the "Service de la Culture de la Province de Namur" - Exhibition "A Touch of Maya" at the Dolce Vita - Brussels
  • 1998 June: Exhibition "The Soul of the Colors II" at the Dolce Vita - September: Creation of a CD "Usha over the Eastern Plains" - Exhibition at the Société Générale de Banque de Fort Jaco - Brussels - October: Exhibition "The Mystery Gardens" at the Dolce Vita - Brussels
  • 1999 March: Exhibition for the 7th anniversary of "Re-Creation" - August: Exhibition "Memories of the Origin" in Hamois, Belgium - October: Exhibition at the Economic and Social Committee - Brussels
  • 2000 Exhibition "Sketch for an imaginary Manhattan History" at the Dolce Vita - Brussels
  • 2001 Teacher for the "Ligue de l'Enseignement et de l'Education Permanente" - December: Exhibition "Secondary Reality" at the "Petite Galerie" - Brussels
  • 2003 Co-creator of the ASBL USHA - September: Exhibition "Ramses walks in the garden…" at the Belgian Gestalt-therapy Institute - Brussels
  • 2004 Member of the European Watercolor Institute - July: Exhibition of the EWI in Damme, Holland
  • 2005 March: Exhibition "The Blue River" at the Belgian Gestalt-therapy Institute - Brussels - May: Exhibition of the EWI in Laethem St Martin, Belgium
  • 2006 January: Exhibition "The Mysterious Portraits in Fulton Street" at the Belgian Gestalt-therapy Institute - Brussels - June: Exhibition of the EWI in the K-Gallery, Sablon, Brussels - June: Exhibition in the "Salon d'Art Permanent" in the FuturArt Gallery in Brussels - September: Exhibition "The Milklight Diaries in "L'Usine"- rue du Doyenné 40 at 1180 Brussels
  • 2007 April: Abstract watercolours at the Royal Association of Ghent
  • 2008 January: Exhibition "The Paintings of Mahogany Hall" at Thomas Hall
  • 2009 October: Recorded a second CD: "Usha over Central Park"
  • 2010 June: Exhibition at Tour and Taxis, Brussels
  • 2011 Passed away on 26 May in Uccle, Brussels, Belgium.

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