When my beloved Harry died so suddenly, life did not make much sense to me anymore.

Though a very strong energy kept me alive, my soul was deeply affected. At the same time courage overtook me to honor the memory of the one I love. Harry is always in my heart, a source of love, confidence, inspiration and creativity.

We were deeply united in eternal love, the love which transforms one forever.

To live this experience is a great blessing. One issue came to my mind. I must act to make his artwork known, that the legacy of who he was doesn't disappear upon my own death.

Harry Birkholz

To me and to our dear son Patrick, Harry left a legacy of art and humanity which is of a rare spiritual complexity.

I have been his companion in daily life, in his creation, friendship, love and matrimony for over 20 years.
As artists, we constantly discussed our respective works. Therefore it seems so natural today to continue to do so. I consult him privately prior to each decision.

I take responsibility for the information found on this website which is the first creation dedicated to his memory. The content is based on texts of our programs, articles written by Harry, my mementos; I also discuss my own projects.

I express my deepest gratitude to Guy Cuvelier, the webmaster who, all the way through the process of construction of this site, has been listening to my concerns using all his artistic and human sensitivity to translate my intentions in IT language.

My warmest thanks to my friends for their translations: Jacqueline Adam, Bianca and Patrick Birkholz for the German website and Fiona Bagnall, Geneviève Picavet and Chaim Shapiro for the English website. Marie-Thérèse Kastl and Geneviève Mies also contributed.

Since January 2012, Cathelyne De Raedt and my-self have photographed the artwork created by Harry. Some of those photographs appear in the Gallery.

I plan to edit art books and a biography in the near future.

My dream is to produce a film about Harry through images of himself and a testimony of those who knew him, and his various artistic expressions…

My wish is to continue to organize exhibitions of "Marianne and Harry" in Belgium and hopefully to organize an exhibition for Harry in NYC as he dreamed to do himself.

My heart is filled with the warm support and friendship received from our friends. Thanks to all!

Written on 7 September 2012 in Brussels by Marianne Birkholz Obozinski

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Harry Birkholz - Acrylic

Harry Birkholz - Acrylic