Harry Birkholz


I am currently working on two books:

  • "Harry Birkholz" His life and his work.
    A single book that will be biographical, highlighting Harry's four areas of creation and passion: "drawings and paintings", "music", "astrology" and "teachings".
    These four areas will refer to the three stages of Harry's life: youth, adulthood and maturity.
    In the section "drawings and paintings", we will find the oil paintings created in 1987 inspired by the "Tibetan Book of the Dead". Click on "Exhibitions" to view the images.
    In the section "music", we can read the 21 "Chronicles of music for a new age" - texts written between 1994 and 1999 by Harry Birkholz about the music and musicians he appreciated the most. To get a glimpse of this, click on "Music" to read three of these chronicles. If you are trilingual, please also read the chronicles in German and French, as they differ from one another.

  • "Portrait through the window" A personal testimony of our twenty years together and my current life. This project was already in my mind while Harry was alive

Marianne Obozinski, July 2013

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